Combat Acid Violence Against Women

acidThe Acid Survivors Foundation (ASF) and the Hunger Project signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on 9th November, 2013 for three years (i.e. November 2013 – July 2016) with the aim to combat acid and other forms of violence against women and girls through awareness raising campaign initiatives. Youth group will be the main target participants of this planned campaign. As strategic partner the Hunger Project with the support of ASF will undertake awareness raising campaigns among schools and colleges in different district level. Interventions areas will be selected by the Hunger project which districts are identified as having the highest acid attack rates. At least 240 campaigns events are to be undertaken per year.


This strategic partnership’s aims to support the following objectives:

To promote positive, healthy and respectful relationship between men and women/girls and boys by addressing gender based violence issues.

Specific results:

This contract agreement aims to support to achieve the following expected results/outcome:

1. Youth can realize that existing gender discrimination between men and women is one the main causes of acid and other forms of Gender Based Violence (GBV). To fight against this GBV, they will promote gender equality, effective communication between peers. They might demonstrate conflict resolution in a peaceful way.

2. Encourage and engage youth to combat acid violence and other gender based violence in their community.

3. Increase better understanding of psychological and social consequences of acid and other forms of gender based violence.

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